Wayfinding Blades: 5 Reasons They’re a Game Day Winner

February 7, 2017 Joey Davis

Regardless of who they’re cheering for, sports fans can all agree on one thing: The cost of attending games has skyrocketed. While smart stadium and arena owners are replacing outdated scoreboards with visually immersive display technology to attract and engage fans, game goers are still getting lost in a maze of dark concourses while finding their seats! The new challenge for teams is to move crowds quickly and efficiently from ticketing, to concessions, seats, restrooms and then back again with wayfinding signs while never losing sight of their primary goal: Create more revenue.

Lighting Up the Concourse with Wayfinding Digital Signage

A well-functioning concourse is an important part of what sports marketers call a “positive fan experience.” In fact, a ballpark’s reputation is often judged on the ease of flow in its concourses. Why? Because every ticketholder passes through these cavernous hallways at least twice during their time at the game. And despite the number of eyes stranded in long restroom and concession lines, concourses are often the most underserved position for advertising or messaging platforms. NanoLumens’ concourse solution addresses this need with our new Wayfinding Blades product, a smart combination of bright and easily updated digital signage and traditional wayfinding positions that create a new medium for revenue.

Five Reasons Wayfinding Digital Concourse Displays Elevate Game Day

1. High Impact Advertising: Constant foot traffic in the concourse calls for consistent advertising and easily updated messages. With digital concourse displays, advertising gets noticed with a bright integrated backlit wayfinding and digital platform.

2. Targeted Strategic Messaging: Reaching today’s multi-tasking fan requires more than monochrome signs and static ads. Facilities have thousands of people streaming in and out of their concources. With our new Wayfinding Blade system, specialized and eye-catching messages can be created on the fly for VIP sections, luxury suites and other defined areas of interest.

3. Increased Revenue: In-stadium ad sales is a lucrative venture for organizations. In 2013, for example, the Dallas Cowboys earned $100 million from sponsorships and advertising signage. The question for organization now isn’t ‘should I invest in digital signage’ but, rather, how many places in my stadium can I put digital signage.’ NanoLumens’ Wayfinding Blade Concourse displays allow arenas to run multiple, high value ads and promote upcoming events, ticket sales and merchandise in multiple places throughout.

4. Enhanced Game day Experience: NanoLumens’ Wayfinding Blade platform allows stadiums to extend the game experience even when fans are away from their seats. Much more than just keeping guests informed of concession options, seating sections and restroom locations, Digital Concourse Blades will display scores and stats from around the league, even live video feeds, to allow fans to keep up with the game and their fantasy squads!

5. Wayfinding: Beyond merely guiding fans to their seats, NanoLumens’ Wayfinding Blade Concourse displays can inform patrons of wait times in restroom and concession lines while keeping them engaged in the game and your advertising messages as they make their way to and from the stands.

To find out how the TD Garden successfully integrated the NanoLumens Wayfinding Blade product in their arena please download our newest case study LED Technology Marries Wayfinding with High-Impact Advertising for Sold out Advertising and New Revenue Stream

~Joey Davis
Marketing Content Manager, NanoLumens

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