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Case Study: JFK Airport

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CHALLENGE With nearly 1 million annual visitors picking up passengers outside of JFK's Terminal 4 in addition to the roughly 6 million travelers that fly in and out each year, the terminal is one of the busiest in the world. In order to handle this many people, it was absolutely necessary for JFK to be able to keep these crowds informed and engaged with relevant, useful information about where they are and where they need to go. Because flight and weather information changes so frequently though, the eye-catching installation needed to be something that airport staff could update on the fly in real-time, and it also needed to come with a management system that allowed them to do so seamlessly. Additionally, the shape of the space necessitated a feature that could be seen from a wide range of viewing angles, with no corruption of image quality or brightness. Finally, because of the airport's interest in minimizing environmental impact, whatever feature was installed needed to be cost and energy efficient. Background: Among the largest terminals in the New York area, JFK's Terminal 4 services over 32 international and domestic airlines carrying passengers all over the world. Terminal 4 also offers a tremendous selection of restaurants, bars, and shopping areas. To develop the feature that would revolutionize the terminal, JFK partnered with integration expert ConeXus World and the global leader in LED visualization solutions, NanoLumens. Together, the team first came to a conclusion about what kind of installation the space demanded; a massive digital display. Once the team reached this decision, the choice to opt for LED technology was simple. LED displays are considerably more powerful than other kinds of light sources, and consume far less energy as well. With NanoLumens innovative know-how and proprietary technology, LED displays can also be built to suit any size, shape, or curvature to allow customers unlimited versatility. Because travelers and visitors to Terminal 4 would be constantly moving throughout the terminal, the team also resolved to make the installation double-sided so that no matter where an individual was standing he or she would be able to see the vital information shown on the display. "JFK Terminal 4 joins a growing list of major airports around the world that have turned to NanoLumens for a truly unique digital display solution that immediately engages travelers and allows for clear and concise communication of the kinds of information travelers need in order to continue on their journeys." -Karen Robinson, Executive Vice President, NanoLumens SOLUTION

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