You are now Free to Move About the Airport

Our customers know best. Case studies from real organizations who've employed NanoLunens displays.

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YOU ARE NOW FREE TO MOVE ABOUT THE AIRPORT As one of the primary economic engines of the cities they serve, airports, more than almost any other facility, rely on poignant and engaging communication with their constituents and customers. Typically the gateway to a metropolitan area - airports regularly facilitate the initial messaging to travelers visiting your city. The opening experience a business or leisure traveler has with your city can shape their overall impression of the community. If their airport experience is efficient, enjoyable, entertaining, and educational, it can impart transfusive positive effects on the business they conduct in your city and the frequency with which they repeat their travel. THE MODERN CONNECTED AIRPORT 41% Percent of people who recall content from digital signage in the last 30 days 63% Percent of people who actually notice LED displays Viewing LED displays make long wait times seem quicker the stakeholders that benefit from a taveler's positive experience at their unique point of arrival. This contributes to a greater economic development of the metro, region, state, or country. Attracting and maintaining positive relationships with these varied constituencies is of paramount importance if your airport is to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Airports have stakeholders extending far beyond the airlines and passengers that utilize the facility. Local businesses, attractions, retailers, and conventions are but a few of Sources: Arbitron and InfoTrends

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