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An Interactive Walk Through History Brings Hy-Vee to Life

Our customers know best. Case studies from real organizations who've employed NanoLunens displays.

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CHALLENGE Attacking the objective right from the start, NanoLumens joined forces with Dimensional Innovations, a Kansas- based architecture and design firm, to tackle the challenge of transforming a drab lobby into a vibrant and dynamic monument to Hy-Vee's past, present, and future. In order to draw guests into the space in a way that felt immersive, the team knew they needed to install stunning displays on each of the lobby's six columns to complement the more traditional displays on the walls. The subsequent question over who would provide the columns' displays was answered quickly: NanoLumens. SOLUTION The sole manufacturer capable of managing such tight curves, NanoLumens complements their awe-inspiring know-how with exclusive ownership over the IP behind their tech. This means that NanoLumens' revolutionary Nixel Series™ LED displays were not just the perfect solution, but the only solution, as well. The brilliant displays feature a 5mm pixel pitch design, and are positioned eight feet off the ground, just above visitors' wandering eye lines. In order to keep guests constantly engaged, the Nixel Series™ displays stagger the timing of their two-hour video loop so that as guests meander around the room, they are continually exposed to fresh and exciting content from throughout Hy-Vee's 87-year history. "We wanted to use every available space to capture people's attention, and the NanoLumens displays were the absolute best way to utilize the column space," --James C. Hendricks, Lead Designer, Dimensional Innovations Hy-Vee is an icon throughout the Midwest but within an ever-shifting market dictated by the evolving needs of today's consumers, the company found itself needing to remind everyone that their rich history doesn't hold them back, but instead bolsters their ability to lead into the future. Enter the brand new Ron Pearson Center -named in honor of their longtime CEO- which contains an 11,000 square foot lobby. Hy-Vee wanted to transform the lobby into an interactive History Pavilion to pay homage to their past while engaging and inspiring every visitor to the Center. Supported by six columns with 4-foot diameters, the lobby was in need of a brilliant display system that could accommodate the columns' severe curvature and complement the fixed displays adorning the walls of the area with the end goal of transforming the space into a truly immersive experience reminiscent of a Hollywood movie set. BACKGROUND: With sales of $9.3 billion annually, Hy-Vee ranks among the top 25 supermarket chains and the top 50 private companies in the United States. Its more than 240 stores are located across eight Midwestern states, and the company is heavily involved in countless charitable foundations, including Cash for Kids, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and the American Red Cross.

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