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LED Technology Marries Wayfinding with High-Impact Advertising

Our customers know best. Case studies from real organizations who've employed NanoLunens displays.

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THE CHALLENGES SOLUTION Finding underutilized space in an already crowded concourse proved to be a difficult task for the team at the TD Garden where they were looking to create original revenue opportunities and engage with fans in a brand new way. While the arena was undergoing a digital transformation, the team was also tasked with creating state-of-the-art advertising opportunities for both internal and external clients. With little space to spare and with the help of custom LED displays, the TD Garden was able to utilize the area of underwhelming backlit signage and replace it with an advertising goldmine of LED wayfinding blades that took experience and advertising to a new level. "Clients have been thrilled with our digital media network assets and the ability to deliver their messages dynamically. The impressions are much more powerful than a backlit sign, and they are able to use different variations of their brand and promote their individual campaigns through these flexible assets." – Amy Latimer, President TD Garden Needing a flexible solution lightweight enough to hang from the ceiling and customizable in both frame and finish, the TD Garden chose NanoLumens wayfinding blades. With their slim, double-sided capability, low pixel pitches and easy system integration, it was the natural choice for the TD Garden's upgrade. The high impact solution is used to display targeted messages to defined audiences, keep guests informed on the location of concessions, restrooms and more, as well as display league stats for fans and fantasy leagues, and also run multiple, high value ads that dominate the attention of visitors. "With 16 video walls, and 36 overhead digital displays, our corporate partners receive over 200 average minutes of exposure to fans per event." – Amy Latimer, President TD Garden LED wayfinding blades are redefining the experience of the TD Garden's internal concourses where they now utilize eye-catching displays to marry advertising and wayfinding seamlessly. The low pixel pitch, double sided blades, were custom designed to the many restrictions of the space. Today, masses of visitors can now navigate with ease through the concourses thanks to this newly implemented, versatile LED technology. And the digital signage offers an interactive and fresh perspective on advertising, opening a new stream of revenue for the TD Garden. These wayfinding displays have been placed strategically throughout the stadium, offering visual touchpoints in stratified zones to customize advertising for specific audiences, as well as ease direction to concession areas or even the Team Licensed Merchandise store. The possibilities for the TD Garden are endless. Not only has the fan experience been propelled to a new level, but the TD Garden is now looking forward to a new revenue stream brought about by the versatility of advertising, made possible by the dynamic LED wayfinding blades from NanoLumens. The environment has been enriched beyond the initial expectations of the TD Garden, and visitors are finding themselves drawn in by these interactive displays and overall environment. "NanoLumens was the perfect choice for us based on their architectural design, the flexibility to deliver any content anywhere, and they were great to work with." – Amy Latimer, President TD Garden RESULTS

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