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SMD-LED: What You Need to Know

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SMD - LED: What You Need to Know All information contained within is property of NanoLumens. All rights reserved. 1 SMD - LED What You Need to Know History of the SMD - LED Industry In this generation, there are more advertisement opportunities than ever before for companies to get their product, service, and name out to the public. Businesses accomplish this through many means; one of them being the use of indoor and outdoor digital signs. Digital displays allow the advertiser the opportunity to get their message displayed through the use video technology, relating to their customers in vivid and captivating ways. Why LED? There are many types of display solutions, with many different advantages and disadvantages including, LED, LCD, and Plasma, to name a few. As a potential buyer of a digital sign, one has to distinguish which type of sign will provide the greatest value with the lowest opportunity cost. The display must be able to captivate potential customers, and entice them i nto trying the advertised product or service. This choice is clear when looking at the capabilities and reliability of a LED display. While the plasma screen displays have the problem of overheating and burning out, SMD - LED displays can run content for hou rs with ease. The SMD - LED display solution can stay bright and luminous for up to a decade without fading, outlasting any other form of display solution on the market. If you're in the business to run an advertisement in a public space, SMD - LED displays ar e the most effective and reliable means to get your message out across target markets.

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