How LED Displays Can Give Colleges & Universities an Edge

August 16, 2016 Arch Nelson

It’s a competitive world out there, even in the leafy, bucolic confines of the average college campus. Choosy millennials want access to the most up-to-date technology. Powerful alumnae and sports boosters want their team to outshine all of their competitors in their conferences. Professors want to know they have all the tools to teach students and propel their careers. And that is why a video wall or other LED display is the perfect technology to up the campus “wow factor” and help attract students, sports fans, and educators alike.

Video Walls for College Stadiums and Sports Arenas

College sports venues are constantly upping their game, now rivaling many professional teams in terms of fan experience. For the top tier universities, football or basketball programs generate hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue a year. Universities are getting the same gigantic digital displays seen in pro arenas. From scoreboards to displays in the arena’s VIP area, top colleges and universities are attempting to match the professional sporting experience, step by step.

College officials are also tricking out the teams’ locker rooms and practice facilities with LED displays that can be used to review game footage, be turned into giant television screens for watching opposing teams, or as a monitor for playing video games – something loved by young, still teenage athletes. To get the best athletes, and therefore field the best team, universities and colleges have to offer the most alluring experience.

LED displays not only create a better fan experience, but they are an added revenue driver for schools, which also use the displays for advertising from sponsors.

On Campus LED Displays and Video Walls

The implementation of LED displays isn’t stopping at the stadium. Colleges and universities are using them in libraries and school buildings to attract students and high quality faculty. Digital displays communicate on-campus events and happenings, they serve as educational tools for professors in the lecture halls, who use the displays to compliment their teachings, a source of advertising revenue for the university, and to communicate emergency and safety information at times of crisis.

Just as in sports, LED displays are also a recruiting tool for new students. In fact, they can be programmed to recognize a prospective student and their parents, offering a personalized greeting when the family walks into the university welcome center or student union. For the student who has grown up with a smart phone in his or her pocket their whole life, this could be the deciding factor.

Digital displays are forging new ground in the world of intelligence and IoT, the not so distant future could see a more connected digital world where our personal devices and the world around us connect seamlessly. Today at NanoLumens, we are building digital displays that can communicate with students’ smart phones, appealing to the current crop of millennial students and the generations that are coming up behind them. For additional insight on how adding digital displays can transform the experience on your college campus, please read our article here.

~Arch Nelson
Regional Sales Director, Southeast

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