5 Digital Displays I Wish My College Had

March 6, 2014 Joey Davis

There’s been a lot of talk in the digital signage industry about digital displays for educational institutions, from high schools to the big 10. While educators know that a digital display can add value, sometimes it’s hard to see the true potential of what could be created. As a graduated of a fairly small college with friends that attended large universities, I started to think–“What displays would I have wanted to see at my school?” Here’s my wish-list:

boise state display
Bonus idea: Advertisement and welcome display for your performing arts center, like our installation for Boise State.

1. Wayfinding in the Welcome Center

Even at my intimate, small college, I had a lot of trouble finding my classes in my freshman year, as well as into my collegiate career as I took courses in different disciplines and buildings. A digital display in the student center that updated with each class change to tell you which courses were where would have saved a lot of students a lot of heartache and professors from late attendees interrupting their lectures. Visiting parents, alumni, and benefactors could also have a helpful map of campus, identifying new structures and developments to help them find their way during events and celebrations.

2. Sports Updates in the Student Lounge

When I visited friends at larger universities, It was always a bit unfortunate when we could only attend one sporting event and there was more than one going on, or when the beloved home team was out on away game. Even with a communal television in the student lounge, only one game could be watched at a time, limiting your access to cheering for friends in differing sports. A digital display can be split into multiple zones, helping you watch everyone at once, or watching your friends and other competitors during big bracket events like March Madness.

3. School News on Tickers around the Campus

How many of us remember last minute room changes for campus events or having to host a campus talk to clarify the details of big campus news after the rumor mill had taken hold of a particular bit of information? Rather than letting a story take on a life of its own or leaving your students wandering lost around campus after a destination change for major campus events, a ticker style display in main halls could display big news, event locations, campus updates, and more, keeping students informed as they walk to and from classes and dorms.

4. Cafeteria and Dining Hall Updates

There is nothing like the disappointment of getting to the dining hall on pancake day to find no pancakes. Truly. Digital menus that could be updated at a moment’s notice keep students informed as to what’s going on in the dining hall, saves your kitchen team the time and paper needed to print and change menus constantly, and can be simultaneously shared via the web and the menu board for a more agile communication. The disappointment of a pancake-less pancake day could be avoided, saving a lot of broken hearts as well.

5. Information about the Surrounding Community on Main Building Walls

When you attend a school that’s not in your hometown or in a place you’re familiar with, there a lot of things you need to locate: A bank, restaurants, your cell phone provider, a doctor for emergencies, a gym, etc. Not only can schools off-set the cost of adding digital displays by adding ad revenue for local businesses, they can also give students access to their needs off campus, foster a greater sense of community, and give business’s access to a demographic they are desperately trying to reach.

Where would you add digital displays on a college campus? Tweet your response to us at @nanolumens.

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