LED Displays Are Amping up the Visuals in Casinos

January 10, 2017 Dave Merlino

With so much lights and fanfare in the average casino, gaming companies are constantly looking for ways to up the ante. The big challenge today is attracting younger players from Generation X and Millennials to the gaming pool. Their boomer parents are already ingrained in the culture of using slot machines, but a new approach must be taken to appeal to younger customers.

Technology is the reason why.  Baby Boomers grew up playing slot machines and still like them. But, younger people have grown up with super advanced computers and smart phones. They have their own set of games, interactivity, and social media access in the palms of their hands. To these younger players, slot machines are less interesting because they are lower tech than the games they can get on their phones. Plus, slots require no skill. To play, a gamer needs only to press a button. Younger players are used to skill-based video games that are interactive.

LED Displays Provide the Spark for Young Gamers

Casinos need to adapt to the needs and expectations of younger gamers in order to capture their business. While many casinos currently use LEDs for their progressive meters, there are so many more ways that LED displays can amp up the casino floor.

One way to attract new customers is to meet the younger customers where they are. Younger customers have grown up playing sophisticated video games. And the video gaming industry is so popular, that players can face off against competitors anywhere on the globe and test their skills. Casinos should consider creating a giant gaming space, where a huge wall of LED displays is created so gamers can compete with each other in the casino – and with other competitors virtually in any country around the world. The casinos can develop events around video gaming, by hosting huge tournaments that will attract competitors, spectators, and bettors.

Casinos could also create a gaming book, much in the way they already have sports books. The gaming book could allow gamers to place bets on video game players, and make money off of whether their players of choice win or lose.

LED caves can also be created to offer a fully immersive gaming experience for younger players who want to take video game playing to the next level. This is an experience the young gamer can’t get from his or her smartphone or big screen TV at home.

Casinos can also use LED displays to add flexibility to the gaming floor, allowing them to change a table from poker to black jack, depending on the demand of gamblers on the floor. By adding this capability, casinos can be more efficient with their capital, make better use of their floor space, and more effectively meet the needs of their gamers.

Today’s casinos exist in an incredibly competitive environment, one that is undergoing a profound generational shift. As betting boomers make way for the younger crowd, casinos need to evolve with their customers, embracing technology that will support games and experiences attractive to the crowd that came of age during the era of powerful computers and the Internet. LED displays are a very important tool in assisting casinos to create the experiences these younger generations are seeking.

~Dave Merlino

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