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World-Renowned Children's Hospital Adds a New Dimension to Patient Healing

May 26, 2017

According to a recent study, a well-designed environment has a powerful impact on health by influencing the behaviors, actions, and interactions of patients, their families, and the staff who take care of them. (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.) This type of patient-centered design for children and families has established a new standard, and is essential in promoting both physical and mental health. With this premise in mind, the hospital set out to make the children’s stay as positive, enjoyable, and pain-free as possible – not an easy feat when kids who should be out playing at this time of their lives are confined to hospital beds. In an effort to redirect patient focus and make their stay as pleasant and engaging as possible, the hospital used custom LED displays to introduce the positive energy and beauty of nature indoors; fostering a genuine healing environment for these chronically ill children.

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