When Destruction Hits, What Is the Downtime For Your LED Display?

February 21, 2017 Joe'N Lloyd

It’s the biggest sports watching day of the year and your sports book is packed. For this Super Bowl Sunday, depending on the quarter, or perhaps what team you were rooting for, this year’s game was tough. For our friends at Santa Fe Station, a Station Casinos’ property, the day could have been a disaster.

Having just renovated their sports book to include a state-of-art Engage Series™ large format display, it was packed with a room full of fans from both teams. But, when ‘fandemonium’ reached a fevered pitch during the second half of the game, disaster struck. An overzealous fan caught in the moment, hurled his glass beer bottle at the display.

If Santa Fe Station had an LCD display, this moment could have been disastrous.  From shattered glass to broken and bent bezels or a complete failure, their major revenue day could have ended in defeat if the game could not have gone on. But this was not the case. In fact, within moments of the incident, a fix was already in place.

With NanoLumens Engage Series™ displays, our front-serviceable Engage module pops out with ease and it allows us to provide a Six Year Warranty all the way down to the pixel. Replacement of pixels is a breeze and in this case, the replacement of the damaged Engage module was easily done. Each of our customers completes their install with additional, replacement modules from the bin in which their displays were created. No differences with replacement parts, not ever.

In addition to easily accessible replacement parts, NanoLumens also provides client-critical SLA’s and with our partner NTA, Santa Fe Station had a partner on site fixing the issue within moments of the occurrence.

Like it or not, accidents happen and pixels will fail from time to time; but we won’t. We provide an industry-leading warranty of up to six years of continuous use, because when you are truly serious about something, you stand behind it. We guarantee that we’ll hold up this end of the bargain, that is simply how we do business.

If you would like to find out more about the differences in display technology please download our white paper: Selecting The Right Digital Display.

~Joe’ Lloyd
Director of Global Marketing, NanoLumens

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