How Audio Visual Dealers & Integrators Benefit From AWARE

January 24, 2017 Brice McPheeters

With the recent AWARE launch, marketing buzz, and press coverage, you have probably wondered “What does this mean or do for me as an integrator?” First off, AWARE is a hardware-enabled software-as-a-service (cloud based) display management platform. It seamlessly combines diagnostics and support functions with the ability to choose a variety of apps, services, and content sources; accessible through one portal, instantly, from anywhere in the world. You should think of it as another tool in your display tool kit.

A Powerful All-In-One Display Management Solution For Integrators, Dealers and Consultants

As an integrator, dealer or consultant, quite often you are stuck in the middle ground with clients, balancing bright ideas with what is currently possible. You are called upon to deliver blue sky thoughts for both today and the future while still maintaining a bargain price and white glove level of service. To meet these needs, you might find yourself piecing together third party solutions for these customized requests. Assembling a CMS solution, a NOC or error response solution, a way to compile analytics, or an all-in-one dashboard.  And did we talk about SLAs or content development? Well, let us introduce you to AWARE, designed to provide more robust services for your clients. Because as your partner, there is nothing more important than a great relationship and helping you to look like rock stars in your clients’ eyes. No matter if you focus on clients in the corporate world, retail, or higher education, AWARE allows you to provide a higher level of service.

AWARE crosses boundaries, wrapping up all of your needed functionality into one easy to deliver solution that helps you exceed expectations as well as increase your offered services. As a bundled solution, you can now offer your client a turnkey, one portal solution for managing their displays, getting automated alerts, and audience measurement analytics like dwell time and gender. If they have an existing CMS solution, no problem!  AWARE can work in concert with enterprise CMS solutions providing video feed monitoring as well as a redundant CMS solution. No CMS, but need a custom content solution? No Problem! AWARE is one of the most open platforms on the market. In fact, we can provide unprecedented access to core functions, or even develop back end processes, providing a full open solution for you to let your minds run wild – try that with any of the other leading CMS/player boxes.

For Display Mangement, AWARE is the Future

The current display management market is massive and AWARE is a complete shift of thinking. Traditional revenue and service channels become expanded, providing more options for you, decreasing necessary solutions, and making management more fluid. And, it is easily integrated into existing management and support plans with little to no additional investment. For our channel partners, adding AWARE to you arsenal is nothing short of a slam-dunk. To find out more about the AWARE platform, please download our FAQs

~Brice McPheeters, Business Development Manager, NanoLumens

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