Direct Sales: The Ugly Phrase of the LED Screen AV Industry

March 14, 2017 Colin James

Direct Sales is an ugly phrase in the LED screen audio video industry, especially if your company is an integrator of AV technology. The threat that your vendor will cut you out of an LED screen deal in favor of better pricing for the end user is a fear that all resellers and partner integrators share. This fear often gets in the way of recognizing the value the manufacturer can bring to the table when working on large scale AV projects, especially if your vendor (like NanoLumens) has a sales model that is built from the ground up to help you win business.

Unlike traditional indirect sales, NanoLumens deploys a large business development and outside sales team which adds three key advantages to our reseller network.

Three Reasons Why NanoLumens LED Screen Reseller Network Works!

1) Co-Selling: NanoLumens deploys a 1st class business development team and regional sales force, which is dedicated to cultivating and finding new business for our integration network. Given that we do not handle installation (more on that in a minute) all of these opportunities are going back to our partner resellers! Better yet, coordinating with our sales team early and often, means accessing our network to help crack open new accounts and win more business. Therefore there is every reason in the world to trust one another and work together.

2) Technology Experts: Customers desire for LED technology is growing nationwide, and nobody knows more about the technology and how best to work with it than our sales team. Bringing NanoLumens into your deals means bringing in a product expert who will not only provide you with the perfect solution but help your customer realize the full potential of their space and application. We want you to use our team as your local experts. Let them work for you!

3) Getting Upstream: The best way to surround an opportunity is to get upstream and build mindshare with your local architects and consultants. We can help you do that. NanoLumens adds value to these verticals by offering many different AIA as well as CTS certification courses, and we want to bring our partner resellers with us to meet and build relationships within the channel. Know of a project going on and want to get access to the architects and consultants that are designing the space? Call your local NanoLumens representative and we will get you in front of them!

The point here is that NanoLumens wants to flip the “indirect vs direct” argument on its head. We believe we can add MORE value to our channel partners by using a hybrid sales team that works for our resellers, rather than against them. We can do this because even the projects developed by NanoLumens must end with a partner reseller. Why? Because we purposefully do not handle our own installation, and cannot threaten our reseller network! We believe installation and content management are key value adds for our channel partners, and this separation of powers is what enables our company to offer so many great values to our reseller network. If you would like to learn more about Preferred Partner program, please check out our partner page.

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