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April 4, 2017 Doug Price

It’s a very tempting proposition: your company rents an LED display from a rental or staging company for a trade show or event. The project goes well, and you are thinking how great it would be to have a display on hand to use for future projects. You are tempted to just buy the display your company rented from the staging company. After all, if it worked great for that project, it will keep working, right? Well, not so fast. The displays used by rental companies are often the incorrect solution for more permanent use.

Rental companies look to buy the lowest cost product they can find. That means the displays they use typically have only a one-year warranty. And, when something goes wrong, rental companies tend to just throw these displays away, rather than having them maintained. It’s cheaper for them in the long run. But, what will your company want to do when it buys one of these cheap displays, and something goes wrong? All of a sudden that great LED investment doesn’t look so great.

Additionally, rental LEDs have been beaten up like crazy, just like a rental car. So, if your company buys one of these displays, there is no telling where it has been or how it has been treated. And, with only a one-year warranty, these LED displays are already on borrowed time.

At NanoLumens we have decided to leave the rental and staging market for other folks and instead concentrate on the highest quality, American designed and assembled products that we can. We know that when you are investing in your brand, your employees and your customers, nothing but the best will do. From cinema quality images to perfect colors and a full range of visibility at any angle, our Nixel SeriesTM displays provide you with the most flexibility in your display purchase.

One of the best reasons to look at NanoLumens displays for your permanent LED solution is our best-in-class, six-year warranty. All the way down to single pixel, our displays our guaranteed from corner to corner with matched batches that will keep your displays ALWAYS looking its best. To view some of our most recent installations and current products, please download our 2017 catalog The Book.

~Doug Price
VP of Systems Engineering

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