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Big Screen Brightness and Clarity: Up-close and Personal

April 12, 2017
The latest option to enter the high end of the up-close, high-resolution narrow pixel pitch display market is the Engage Series™ from the NanoLumens technology family. These displays distill all of the technology NanoLumens has developed—such as ultra-slim, lightweight, bezel-free screens that can be scaled to any size—with a startlingly sharp up-close display, thanks to its premium 2.5mm pixel pitch. With a seamless, modular display capable of high brightness, the Engage Series™ is ahead of the class across the spectrum, from being the most premium display to its easily front- or rear-serviceable, ultra-thin screen to its energy-efficient LED design, all backed by a six-year, zero-failure warranty. Manufacturing and support are also located in the continental U.S.
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