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AON Center

Upon its completion in 1974, the Aon Center was the fourth-tallest building in the world. Adorned with a façade of Italian Carrara marble, the Aon Center towered over the Chicago skyline and left crowds awestruck with its height and beauty. In recent years however the property management group for the building, a company called Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL),diagnosed a problem. Audiences admiring the Aon Center from the outside were consistently unimpressed when entering the building’s interior. The drab lobby space was a complete let down. Since the Aon Center relies on its tenants as its primary source of revenue, JLL had an obvious interest in making sure current and prospective tenants were engaged and delighted when they entered the building. They couldn’t allow the iconic building to lose its luster. To address this issue, JLL set out to create a hyperlocal digital experience that would energize the lobby of the Aon Center, as well its guests and customers.

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Scripps Network Interactive

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