Much Ado About LED

June 14, 2016 Joe'N Lloyd

This year’s InfoComm show floor has been a veritable sea of LED. To the untrained eye, it all looks jaw-droppingly amazing. But for those of us “in the know,” the realities of this evolving technology, namely the ever-decreasing pixel pitch and the undercutting of price, are just a bit less than exciting.  And it’s why NanoLumens has chosen an alternate path.

From our quiet space in the back of the show floor, it was about quality over quantity.  Our meetings were thoughtful, uninterrupted, and allowed us to get down to the business of creating solutions for our partners.  Though the trade show floor can be a wonder for the eyes, it is not likely to be the place where real decisions are made.  That is why NanoLumens has created a relaxed, easy environment for those partners walking the show floor – a space where partners can have real conversations about the LED solutions they need, while also offering partners a unique space where they can truly visualize the right solutions for their projects.

Amid the excitement of one of the largest trade shows for the digital display industry, we opened our Las Vegas Visualization Center. This 7700-square foot marvel is a sight to be seen, showcasing the best and brightest of all that NanoLumens has to offer.  From the newest technology coming out of R&D to our recently announced “Outdoor Performance” series, both NanoLumens’ indoor and outdoor fine pixel pitch products are on full display.

With three Visualization Centers across the world now open in London, Las Vegas, and our global headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, we invite you to make the trip to come see us the next time you are in one of these three cities.  A visit to a visualization center is the perfect time to visualize your ideas, truly understand your needs down to the exact viewing distance and pixel pitch, and join us in bringing your next display solution to life.  To make an appointment at one of our showrooms, please click here.

~Joe’ Lloyd
Director of Global Marketing

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