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Sydney Trains

Governmental transportation authorities require an immense amount of information to be distributed, analyzed, and acted upon simultaneously to ensure the efficient and unbroken operation of their services. For the Sydney Trains agency in Sydney, Australia, their first step to optimizing their efficiency –and thus their passenger experience– was merging their six different monitoring locations into one central hub, from which they could more cohesively administrate the day-to-day operations of their 178 stations. This new Rail Operations Centre (ROC), positioned near the Green Square Station in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Alexandria, had to be capable of not only receiving every piece of information Sydney Trains required to run their operation but it also needed to deliver this information to each of the estimated 100 staff members who will be working the ROC’s main floor. Taking inspiration from what other command and control centers have done in the face of similar challenges, Sydney Trains concluded they needed a massive digital display. But what kind?

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