Network Display Systems in Government

February 23, 2018 Almir DeCarvalho

Government facilities and public works entities require an immense amount of information to be distributed, analyzed and acted upon, simultaneously, to ensure the efficient and unbroken operation of their services. In such a high-stakes environment, where mission-critical decisions are made constantly, temporary hiccups stemming from display performance are not acceptable. Every member of the organization needs to be able to receive and process vast swaths of data with a versatility and dynamism that traditional display technologies have proven incapable of achieving. Networked digital display systems, with their ability to consolidate countless inputs of data into one versatile platform, provide the most reliable information- distribution ecosystem on the market.

The comprehensive overhaul of an aging physical infrastructure is a challenge that many governments are reluctant to undertake, given the cost in time and resources; however, the path to safer and more efficient public services is not exclusively paved with concrete. Rather than renovating the external body of facilities and utilities, government organizations would be better served by retrofitting their internal nervous system with a networked suite of large-format digital display solutions.

How can government facilities attain optimum visualization and informational display systems? Download this informative piece or view if above.

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Almir DeCarvalho

Almir DeCarvalho is a strategic sales leader with cultural finesse and understanding of the relationship. In his role as the Vice President of Sales, East Coast, he is responsible for expanding the global footprint of NanoLumens while also enhancing the ongoing relationships of top tiers partners. One of the first fifteen employees and an active member of the NanoLumens leadership team, Almir brings his straight shooting ideas and strong work ethic to this already talented team. As a global citizen, Almir is fluent in Portuguese and conversational Spanish. He is a mentor and coach both at work and at home and is looking forward to many a college tour in the coming years as he helps to lead his two daughters on their paths to higher education.

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