Your Vegas is Showing

March 8, 2018 Joey Davis

The latest and greatest in digital signage is showcased every year at the Digital Signage Expo, which this year takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 27th through the 30th. Attendees will be able to find us on the Convention Center floor at Booth 1263, where we will be displaying and discussing our newest 0.9mm pixel pitch technology. Following the events of the day, join us from 6:00PM to 9:00PM the evening of the 28th in our Las Vegas Visualization Center for Your Vegas is Showing, our special event where some of the brightest minds in digital signage will gather for a brilliant night of learning, networking, and socializing. The event will be highlighted by a panel discussion on the future of LED Visualization, which is set to include Javier Garcia of Hospitality Network and Adrian Cotterill of DailyDOOH, as well as various other leaders both from NanoLumens and around the industry.

What the panel will delve into is how the future of visualization will shape the next generation of digital experiences from the perspectives of audiences, content creators, display owners, and manufacturers alike. What sorts of technological advancements should organizations expect to see on the horizon? How can they incorporate these upgrades into their existing platforms and what will that mean for their consumers? In what ways will the industry evolve to keep up with the ever-expanding expectations of these aforementioned consumers? These questions and more will be asked, answered, and argued about by industry experts looking to share their insights into the future of visualization. Join us, and be an audience to what audiences should expect in the years to come. Registration to attend is open, and can be found here. We hope to see you there!

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