True Colors

August 21, 2014 Patrick Osborne

Before I started my job with NanoLumens I worked as a representative for a major electronics company where I specialized in home theater. I’d bounce around major retail outlets acting primarily as a pusher for cutting edge consumer televisions. People are passionate about their TVs and brand loyalty is common so, as you might imagine, I’ve seen spirited discussions on showroom floors. Some became vicious arguments between couples as soon as one of them started tugging the massive box containing a glorious, razor thin, 55 inch 3D LED- LCD panel to the front of the store. In fact, I’d bet at least 60% of my sales led to knockdown-dragouts between spouses that went something along the lines of “Are you crazy? It dominates the entire living room! ” To which the purchaser would respond with “I know right, isn’t it awesome? You’ll be able to see every eyebrow hair on Rachel Ray’s face… in 3D!” Depending on who you are, a television that takes over a room with its presence might be a bit much in your own home. However in an out of home environment, this could be a great thing. But size is not really the point of this article.

What I really noticed in home theater sales was how people naturally gravitated to the displays with the most dynamic color. It was like moths around a blue light. They would see it from across the store and walk right up to it in a zombie-like trance. Sometimes the picture was less than desirable when they got close. Pixelated compression blocks, nasty artifacts from motion smoothing interpolation, freakish skin tones, these were all things that would cause people to walk away. If they stood there in awe it was because the television produced a very clean and vibrant image. Then they would look down at the price tag, make a vomit face, and walk away, off to find something in a reasonable price range that could touch the image quality of what they now wanted. That’s where my suave self would step in and hopefully make a sale for my brand. The worst was when you hooked a shopper and then the store employees would come in and try to sell them their personal favorite brand, confusing the shopper. I’d imagine walking up and Judo chopping the other sales guy. That’s a rant for another time though.

Our showroom here at NanoLumens is similar to a home theater department at a major retailer. We have all kinds of sizes and shapes hanging up showing what awesomeness we’re capable of, but our new generation displays are the ones that really grab your attention in the room. It’s their color reproduction, which is simply excellent and you want to look at it. I’m not suggesting that my co-workers have dirty mouths but I heard expletives being used to describe the visual excitement our new displays are capable of eliciting. Now I’m going to get back into my old sales mode for a minute here and suggest that if you’ve got some messages to push of your own, one of our rich color producing displays is probably what you need. Oh, and you don’t need to make a vomit face at the price tag either because it will pay for itself, unlike a big TV in your living room.

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