The Top 10 Things the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About Digital Signs

November 21, 2014 Joey Davis

Various forms of media – print, broadcast, internet – will often go to great lengths to get your attention. Radio and television tease interesting features, promising you’ll be impressed or appalled if you just stick around until after the next commercial break. The written word, whether its newspapers, magazines or the internet, use sensationalized headlines to make your read whatever they’re pushing. In the internet world, we call that click baiting. An online dictionary defines the term as website content that is aimed at generating interest, and often advertising revenue, by relying on sensationalist headlines to attract click-throughs. The content is often misleading, inaccurate or false.

And it works. I used the technique to get you to read this article. In our hyper-politicized environment where government distrust is higher than ever, I figured the title would be worth a few extra clicks. There is, in fact, nothing the government is hiding about digital signs. That we know of…

But now that you’re here you should know there is a point to this and it’s one you should know if you’re considering investing in a large-scale visualization product. I’ll tell you what it is after you watch the following advertisement. Just kidding.

OK, you’ve been a good sport up until now so here’s the scoop: Put your message or content on a LED sign and you won’t have to rely on the underhanded attention getting techniques I’ve described above. You could display a video of paint drying and people are going to stare. There’s something about rich vibrant colors on a giant crystal clear display that screams “look at me!” And people do. In fact, a study by OTX (Online Testing eXchange) conducted for SeeSaw Networks found people think digital signage advertising is more unique (58%), interesting (53%) and entertaining (48%), than other media.

Now, imagine your message and advertising displaying on a medium that has a 63% rate of attention, considerably higher than that of billboards, magazines, newspapers, television, internet or mobile. And unlike other forms of advertising and content-pushing, your message can change almost instantly. Of course, it won’t make you irresistible to the opposite gender or lose 25 pounds in two weeks but the ROI for your business could go through the roof.

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