The ROI of digital signage promoting workplace safety is HUGE

June 16, 2014 Joey Davis

Digital Signage Today has quickly become my first stop each morning for industry news and Frank Kenna shows me why again with an informative piece on workplace safety and digital signage.  Here’s the money quote:

The visible — or tip-of-the-iceberg — cost savings include medical costs, wage indemnity (lost wages paid to injured workers) and claims fees. The ones lurking beneath the surface include litigation, schedule delays, reputation damage, lost productivity and replacement labor.

But regardless of how you figure it, the cost savings associated with safer work environments are huge. Repetitive and engaging communications about safe practices are key.

Workplace safety is a far-reaching endeavor and stretches across most industries – from road construction to food service. Faded printed signs are often overlooked or ignored but digital displays are eye-catching and the information they relay is obviously retained. Check out the rest of Kenna’s piece here.

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