The Next Wave of Intelligent Displays Could Power Universities

February 13, 2015 Joey Davis

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No one is quite sure where and when the medium of television was invented but, after various early technological breakthroughs spanning a fifty-year period, a device that closely resembles what we call ‘TV’ today was commercially available in an experimental form in the 1920s. Interestingly, it was a University student named Paul Julius Gottlieb who first patented a process to view crude moving images electronically. Like Gottlieb, students at colleges today are early adopters of the latest technologies, providing digital display sellers and manufacturers profitable market to help faculties and staffs relay important and time-sensitive communications.

Being in the industry, you may not realize how large-scale visualization products have revolutionized student life and business processes at educational institutions. It seems like it’s been a gradual process from our perspective. After all, we’re not too far removed from a time when events, updated policies and other critical information was relayed on cork boards and flyers nailed to phone poles. Now, according to DSE insiders, over 20% of all colleges and universities utilize digital displays.

But despite how fast and how far we’ve come with this technology, displays still only relay information to students and faculty two dimensionally. It’s faster, more accurate and more visually appealing but the idea is still the same as those flyers nailed to phone poles. The future, though, is astounding.

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