The Beauty and Power of NanoLumens’ NIXEL Series™

June 13, 2017 Joey Davis

Just recently, we took some time to re-introduce the ENGAGE Series™, our award winning Narrow Pixel Pitch displays; but there is no reason to stop there because if you are looking for flexible, curved displays, then you can’t miss our NIXEL Series™ LED displays. The NanoCurve and NanoWrap are still available and remain the only patented curved technology on the market, but we have simplified the naming convention for the NIXEL Series™, our indoor and outdoor, curved and flat technology. It is available in pixel pitches from 1.56MM to 9MM.

Sometimes a basic, boring rectangle just won’t do. Your visualization solution needs to be more than just a piece of equipment to show videos and content; it needs to be a work of art the can fit into places that others can’t, like corners and columns. NanoLumens’ NIXEL Series™ is the only non-faceted LED technology on the market that can be truly created in any shape, form, or curvature. From a sphere to an opening flower to a cylinder, the beauty of the NIXEL Series™ is breathtaking to see. Based on our proprietary building block, the Nixel™, we bring displays to market as unique as your business and have designed every piece and component to be as world-class as your brand.

Other competitors in the LED marketplace claim they can make a curved display. But, the truth is, only NanoLumens can make a truly curved display, no matter if it is concave or convex. Our competitors may copy or take flat rectangles and facet them together to create the illusion of a curve. But the lack of quality and facets are a dead giveaway that you’re not getting a NanoLumens product. And, NanoLumens’ superior technology allows for superior 180-degree off-axis viewing, a critical component to curved display technology. Designed, assembled and supported in the USA, the NIXEL Series™ is backed by the industry’s best-in-class six-year warranty. The 100,000 hours of display life, along with its unrivaled image quality and picture vibrancy cannot be matched by any other product on the market. The NIXEL Series™ displays are front- serviceable, super slim, lightweight and energy efficient.

It’s no wonder that top brands like the Miami HEAT, JFK Airport and Telstra have trusted their experience to the NIXEL Series™. To find out more about the NIXEL Series™ and how it can turn your environment into a work of digital art, please download our current specification guide.

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