Thanksgiving Memories

November 26, 2014 Joey Davis

Thanksgiving means different things to different people and while most of us share common holiday customs, we all have our own memories that define that day for us. Those memories aren’t necessarily ‘Hallmark Holiday Movie’ material, though, as I found out when I asked members of the NanoLumens marketing team to share the favorite Thanksgiving moments.

For me, it was the first Thanksgiving I remember spending with my dad. He was a police officer working the nightshift when I transitioned from a toddler to whatever kids become after that cute phase. I was suddenly very much aware he spent his nights working while I slept and slept while I played or went to pre-school. It became a very real concern to me he wouldn’t be there to eat turkey and fruity pebbles with the family. Of course, he was and soon came off the midnight shift. But it’s that first Thanksgiving and the relief I felt with him at the table that brings the best memories of this day.


Sarah Shelnut, Demand Generation Manager: Ah, Thanksgiving! A time for warm homes, turkey, and bringing the family together. The first Thanksgiving memory that comes to mind is from my sophomore year in High School. I had planned to go to my new boyfriend’s house to meet his family for the first time, and as I was anxiously getting ready for the day the phone rang— it was my boyfriend, uninviting me from Thanksgiving and breaking up with me.

Yes, I was dumped on Thanksgiving.

Considering it was one of my very first relationships, I was utterly heartbroken. However, the day did take a wonderful turn as I remember my sweet mother surprising me with my favorite chocolate crème pie! To this day, even the most chaotic and stressful Thanksgiving celebrations don’t seem that bad because, hey, at least I’m not getting dumped again. And to this day, it’s my firm belief that a chocolate crème pie is better than any man!

Karima Alkhalid, Marketing Intern: Thanksgiving is usually a time my family and I spend alone. We never really invite friends over because my family can be pretty socially awkward, and all of my extended family lives outside the US, but this one Thanksgiving, we decided to invite two of our close neighbors. The neighbors asked us what they needed to bring over, but my parents said we had it all covered.

So Thanksgiving Day rolls around, and we have the mashed potatoes done, the turkey done, the pie done, and all the other traditional foods. It was looking like a good day… but then my little sister thought it would be a good time to try out the cool trick where you pull on a table cloth quickly, and everything stays on the table. Needless to say, three seconds later, we hear a boom, bang, and bam. All the food and plates are on the ground, but to top that, about a second later, we hear the doorbell ring… oh man…

(But Karima, what about the five second rule?)

Jareikus Agnew, Marketing Operations Coordinator: My favorite Thanksgiving memory was when I got to try pumpkin pie for the first time. My father was in the military and we were stationed a great distance from our extended family, so we had our first Thanksgiving hosted by our immediate family and we invited a family whose father was overseas. They brought over a pumpkin pie that is still the best I ever had which ended up being great addition to the fact that Thanksgiving can include many different versions family.

Patrick Osborne, Marketing Media Developer: My grandmother is known for saying some pretty special things, often lacking any tact, whatever the occasion is. Thanksgiving last year was no exception. Most of the family was still sitting at the table while my mom was bringing out ambrosia, which is a fruit salad that contains oranges, coconut, and maybe some other stuff. Most of us eating the ambrosia are enjoying it. The oranges are mild and sweet and the coconut adds what you would expect. My grandmother thinks differently though. Up until this point my grandmother had been on her best behavior. My mom eventually comes back from the kitchen and sits down and Granny, staring at the ambrosia and pushing it around with her fork, says “Suzy, what kind coconut is this? It has no flavor, it’s not sweet.” My mom responds with “Well, it’s fresh shaved coconut momma. I don’t know what to tell ya’.” I add that it tastes pretty good to me. Granny, now scowling at the ambrosia, responds with “and these oranges… this isn’t like any ambrosia I’ve ever had. It’s terrible. Your father wouldn’t even eat this.” We still love Granny.

Nathan Remmes, VP of Marketing  & Business Development: Thanksgiving memories? Easy. 1993. Leon Lett of the Dallas Cowboys botches a play, giving the Miami Dolphins the game. For some reason this is one of the football memories that I’ll never forget, maybe it is because it happened with family on Thanksgiving.

The last Thanksgiving with my grandma (2006) is also one of the moments that didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but makes you stop and realize every moment with your family should be cherished.

And lastly, the first Thanksgiving my mom allowed me to eat something other than turkey (it was lamb). I hated turkey, but received no special treatment until well into my teens.


From all of us to all of you – Happy Thanksgiving.

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