Sixth Time’s the Charm!

March 20, 2015 Sarah Shelnut

As everyone knows, networking is crucial to business growth. Trade shows such as last weeks Digital Signage Expo held annually in Las Vegas are undoubtedly one of NanoLumens greatest marketing tools, as they allow us the opportunity to speak face to face to prospects and show off our amazing displays in action.

DSE 2015 marked the SIXTH trip for NanoLumens, and was especially exciting as we unveiled our newest NanoSlim Engage series displays to DSE attendees. Boasting a front-serviceable and front-installable technology, NanoSlim Engage displays offer a 2.5mm pixel pitch, high-resolution solution for environments where viewers want to get up close and personal.

In addition to showcasing our awesome technology, this trip (like most Vegas trips) also held some pretty epic highlights for the NanoLumens team members:

#Selfieception – DSE held a #DSESelfie contest on their social media accounts, and NanoLumens rose to the challenge with a Selfie of a Selfie of a Selfie of a Selfie. The response? “That is genius!”. Yes, @DSEExpo, we agree.

Customer Advocacy Benefits –  NanoLumens LOVES it’s partners and loves the opportunity to spend time with the brightest thought leaders in our industry. The folks at OpenEye Global, most notably Bryan Mezsaros, always deliver enlightening conversation and understand the importance of a good breakfast—eggs with a side of selfies.

Big Wins – What is a trip to Vegas without a little gambling? While some preferred to hit the tables or play a little roulette, a select team of NanoLumens team members opted instead to play the slots and bet their luck on the Sex and The City machines. While our winnings may not LOOK big (5 cents!? Come on!), the experience alone was worth every penny.

With over 4,000 attendees making their way to Vegas for this annual event, the show in and of itself is absolutely worth the trip. However, I believe that the real benefits of DSE are found in the adventures of losing money with your team mates and celebrating an epic show with more selfies that you can imagine!



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