Selling a Digital Signage Solution

September 13, 2017 NanoLumens Press Team

Modern large-format LED displays are not things you can just take out of the box and hang on the wall, but many consumers still cling to this outdated perception. Companies become attached to the exciting potential of installing digital signage but they fall short in understanding everything that goes along with the proper operation and maintenance of that display once it’s arrived on-site. While some manufacturers are content to offload their displays and allow customers to handle everything on their own from that point on, that is not how the highest-quality manufacturers do business. Top-end firms like NanoLumens and our closest competitors instead aim to provide not just a product, but an entire solution. What we deliver is more than just a piece of tech. It’s the whole package.

Here at NanoLumens we are not interested in commoditizing what we produce, for we see ourselves as so much more than a simple display manufacturer. We pride ourselves on being a full-service, long-term partner for those we do business with, and our transactions do not end after our displays are installed. Our relationships are important to us, and we try to emphasize that NanoLumens’ display solutions are not “quick-fixes,” but instead are versatile, reliable answers to enduring questions. We want our partners to know that when they do business with us they aren’t simply buying a product; they are gaining a teammate.

According to Grand View Research, the digital signage market will more than double over the course of the next ten years. Displays alone aren’t going to account for all of this growth on their own. Increasingly, businesses will realize they want a value-added solution, so the onus rests on manufacturers to provide that. In our pursuit of providing digital display visualization as a full-service solution, NanoLumens has pioneered the AWARE system. Essentially, AWARE™ is an LED display ecosystem capable of handling all analytics, management, and content responsibilities, while also featuring a full third-party app marketplace to facilitate any and all display needs. Combined with our industry-leading six-year full-service warranty that covers everything down to the single pixel, the AWARE system helps ensure that NanoLumens displays are always functioning at optimum performance levels. The goal of our warranty is to make sure that when groups enter into business with us, they can rest assured knowing that their needs will be met no matter what. Equipped with AWARE™ and protected by our top of the line warranty, NanoLumens displays are as substantial an LED display solution as you will find on the market.

We hope to inspire customers to recognize that the short-term sticker price of a display is not the only thing that matters. A healthy and on-going relationship between manufacturer and customer is crucial to getting the most out of a digital display. Businesses don’t need an answer to some of their problems, they need the answer to all of them. That’s what selling a full-service solution is all about.

To dive deeper into what makes NanoLumens displays so unique, spend some time browsing through our multi-media content covering the AWARE™ system, and further details on our warranty.

~Daniel Mastro
Channel Manager

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