Red Rock Defies Industry Trends Through LED Upgrade

June 20, 2017 Jenna McEachern

In a city that thrives on competition, casinos and resorts in Las Vegas understand that to be the best you must constantly look for ways to engage your customers more than the casino next door. And in an age of technology that continues to produce more innovative products than the last, upgrading your LED displays is critical to the success of the business.

For years, Red Rock Casino has offered sports fans and betting enthusiasts a luxurious sports book to watch and place bets on games, matches, and races. But when the projection technology that powers their display monitors became outdated, they quickly realized new visualization solutions were needed to stay competitive.

As the only Las Vegas-based casino named on USA Today’s Top 10 Casinos, Red Rock Resort wanted to set the pace for technology innovation and create a visualization experience that would live up to the pizazz of Las Vegas. But because the sports book industry never sleeps, Red Rock Resort needed a partner that could facilitate the installation without disturbing the 24-hour service that Red Rock promises.

To do so, Red Rock traded in its video wall of 18 projectors for three custom built Engage Series™ fine pitch LED displays, decreasing operating costs and maintenance while increasing the brightness of the screens. The installation was thoughtfully planned by National Technology Associates (NTA), NanoLumens and Red Rock Resort to allow the transition to occur without closing their doors. The plan ensured that two screens were running while one screen was installed, allowing the sports book to operate without interruption.

If you walk into Red Rock during sports season or on a race day, chances are slim you will find a seat as the high quality displays have drawn in crowds that make “standing room only” the norm. By investing in LED displays, Red Rock has invested in its customers, and it is paying off. While the racing industry has seen decreases in revenue over the last few years, Red Rock’s sports book is flipping the script and showing positive growth in this area. In addition to defying industry trends, Red Rock has seen heightened engagement in other areas of the casino as well, as customers that initially come to see a game on the beautiful screens, find themselves extending their stay at the Resort, hours after the games end.

To find out more about Red Rock Casino, please download our newest case study here.

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