People Love Curves

August 15, 2014 Jareikus Agnew

NanoLumens’ indoor LED digital display solutions are catching the attention of many. Available in any size, shape, or curvature, NanoLumens’ revolutionary display technology enables you to set your imagination free to create the ultimate digital experience for your audience. The overwhelming favorite among our many visualization projects are our NanoWrap and NanoCurve, which allows our clients to place LED displays in unique locations. Curves and the idea of curved screens are not new concepts but they seem to come together beautifully when combined with the capabilities of NanoLumens technology. The many benefits of curved screens can be boiled down to the immersive environment they create and humans’ affinity for the of beauty curves.

As the edges of a screen move closer to the viewer, the field of view becomes wider creating a greater sense of immersion in the display environment and can improve visual perception due to the increased area of peripheral vision. This immersion causes the viewer to experience a greater sense of depth, better contrast, a more uniform viewing distance, and a wider effective viewing angle.

The immersive experience that viewers have is a great complement to the curvy and attention grabbing design of the display. Psychological research has shown that this affinity for curves is not just a trend, but a form that connects to the primal human emotional network. There is a growing field of study named Neuroesthetics which specializes in understanding the neurological basis for our appreciation of beauty. Scientists used many varying images and an FMRI to monitor the brain while viewing the images. In addition to the participants choosing the curved objects, the results showed curved images produce stronger responses and increased activity in the pleasure centers of the brain. More information on the study can be found here.

All of this information doesn’t mean all curved screens are created equal. After seeing some of the curved LCD and small scale curved screens, some AV consumers have complained the concept of curved screens is not fully realized on a small scale and they are usually very expensive. These problem areas are actually where NanoLumens excels, offering large scale indoor LED displays and that do not have any bevels or facet. Also, we strive to bring value to the price tag in the form of a 6 Year Zero Failure Warranty and a leasing program.

NanoLumens’ value proposition is embodied by the visual benefits benefits of curves combined with progressive technology. We seek to deliver to each customer a unique,immersive and beautifully designed visualization system and the end of each project. The benefits are even more accentuated by the brightness of LED and an amazingly wide effective viewing angle we can achieve because of our ability to produce expertly designed, smooth concave and convex displays.

So listen to your brain and believe it is safe to contact us to help bring your next vision to life.

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