Parkland Hospital, High-Tech Healing and NanoLumens

March 10, 2015 Joey Davis

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, March 10, 2015 – Dallas County, Texas is one of the largest and still fastest growing counties in the United States.  Not surprisingly, as its population has grown so has the demand for more and better quality medical services.  The renowned Parkland Hospital that serves the people of this county understood that they needed to expand in order to be able to provide the highest quality medical care to the community.

The historic hospital spent four years analyzing options before beginning work on constructing a new advanced, high-tech facility in 2008.  Seven years later, the new Parkland Hospital is one of the first “digital hospitals” in the country, utilizing various technologies throughout the entire 2.5 million-square-foot facility, including a massive NanoLumens NanoSlim visualization solution.

The new $1.27-billion facility is equipped with 862 private patient rooms with private baths, ten fully equipped trauma examining rooms, an outpatient center, utility plant, a neonatal intensive care unit, a 6,000-space parking garage, and more. Additionally, this entire 17-floor space is outfitted with about $80-million of digital technology to improve patient care, streamline recordkeeping, enhance security and enable Parkland to operate more efficiently.

Integration firm Ford AV was one of the few companies chosen to make this digital hospital a reality. “We installed technology in more than 250 rooms in the hospital, including a 190×119-inch LED NanoLumens NanoSlim solution in the main cafeteria,” explained SanChay Price, Ford AV Job Superintendent. “The space in the cafeteria was originally designed for a projector.  However, because of the light in the room, the hospital needed something that was brighter and wasn’t affected by the room’s appearance. That’s why we turned to NanoLumens.”

NanoLumens visualization solutions are extremely slim, ultra-lightweight, and feature a bright, seamless, high resolution picture quality that can be viewed from any angle throughout the display horizon without color shift or image distortion, which makes it the perfect option for the Parkland cafeteria.  Additionally, the high-tech hospital is working toward gaining a LEED certification, and NanoLumens’ solutions are extremely energy efficient and optimized for indoor use, operating with virtually zero heat or noise.

Price and his team were drawn to NanoLumens not only because of the picture quality of the solutions, but also because of the easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain guarantee. If a portion of the screen fails, it can be replaced without taking down the entire solution, which is vital in a bustling hospital setting. Also, NanoLumens is the only manufacturer and marketer of LED display solutions that backs up its claims for reliability with a six-year, zero failure warranty, proving that the product is the quality needed for the hospital’s digital design — and that guarantee meant everything to Price and the management team at Parkland Hospital.

“The NanoSlim is mounted 30-feet above everything,” Price explained. “So, it’s the main focal point in the entire room. What’s great about the NanoSlim is that the entire network is set up to display on the one screen with a new pixel device that creates windows within windows. Basically, this means that half of the screen can be showing live TV while the other half can be updating visitors and staff with daily hospital information.”

“The new Parkland Hospital is truly changing the meaning of modern medicine,” NanoLumens Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Nathan Remmes stated. “This hospital is taking giant leaps in a progressive direction, which is extremely exciting for Dallas County and the rest of the country’s facilities following suit. NanoLumens is proud to be a part of this incredible project.”

The new Parkland Hospital is holding an open house for the public on Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 9AM to Noon. The $1.27 billion facility is scheduled to officially open its doors to patients on Thursday, August 20, 2015.

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