Like New Music, Digital Displays Have A WOW Factor

June 12, 2014 Patrick Osborne

Think of your favorite unknown band if you have one. Hopefully you do. They make great music but the majority of people won’t pay attention, right? You wish others would take the time to appreciate their songs in the same way you do, so you try to share it with friends. Alas they won’t take the time to listen. If they do, they probably tune in for a minute but stop listening right before the music gets really good, and continue on without getting “it”. Some converts are made with enough effort, but the ratio is poor. This is similar to putting great content on a 16×9 display.

Typical flat 16×9 displays won’t turn heads anymore. They blend in and people miss what’s going on. It’s a reflex to ignore them because our brains are trying to filter the ad noise. We only stare at them when we get home for a couple of hours, but only to see what we WANT to see. Everything else is mostly noise in the background, sort of like the band killing it down the road that gets a terrible live mix every time they play a show.

With music, once in a while an artist comes along that really turns heads by taking what you’re familiar with and violating your expectations in a way you can’t ignore, and it’s not just you noticing. They have a presence and style that grabs everyone’s attention. Putting great content on an awe-inspiring video landscape, that curves and totally violates your expectations of what a display is, gets your audience’s attention and they can’t ignore it. Your message doesn’t blend into the background. It has presence because people love to see what isn’t ordinary.

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