Initiate Conversations with Digital Signage

March 1, 2012 Joey Davis

Perception means everything, and no two people perceive the external world in the same manner. In the world of digital signage, it’s essential to create a unique experience in each individual in order to alter the perception of what those experiences have provided.

Recently, we have seen interactive campaigns being used to engage viewers by asking them timely and relevant questions that people can respond to through user-generated content such as e-mail, text, or social media. This creates a dialogue between a brand and its customers, leading to a more personalized brand experience. According to the American Marketing Association, there are 3.3 billion brand mentions in 2.2 billion brand-related conversations in the U.S. on a daily basis, and with fifty-four percent of purchasing decisions being influenced by word-of-mouth, it’s crucial that brand conversations are positive.

Last week, Dove used digital signage as part of their interactive Valentine’s Day marketing campaign at London’s Victoria Station. In order to “spread a little love and happiness,” the Unilever beauty brand asked commuters different questions throughout the week to reflect on the beautiful women in their lives. The passersby were prompted to text, Facebook, or tweet their responses, which were displayed to over 350,000 daily commuters to see on the station’s screens.

This is a meaningful example of how a brand can fulfill a campaign strategy by aligning a message with its medium. Like their critically acclaimed and successful Dove “Evolution” advertisement campaign launched in 2006, the Victoria Station campaign generated discussion that resulted in tons of exposure. In addition, Dove brand ambassadors were positioned throughout the station to pass out small gifts related to each day’s question to add to the overall experience.

Content that is constantly updated helps keep visitors focused on the screen and pay attention to the message, while interactivity between the viewer and the content will keep them more involved and help start conversations. With the advancements in technology, specifically in the mobile arena, brands have a great opportunity to encourage, view, and participate in conversations with customers – and it’s especially important to be an active participant in the conversation and not just a casual observer. This gives brands the ability to respond to feedback or concerns in real-time, and not just try to control how the conversation takes place.

The current trend involving the convergence of digital signage and live messaging has gained much momentum as the digital signage industry continues to grow. By including user-generated content into streaming video messages, value is added to the customer’s experience, resulting in a positive perception of the brand.

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