How Green Is Your Digital Signage Solution?

December 13, 2011 Joey Davis

In the past, when the digital signage community discussed “green” trends, the conversations typically centered on the environmental benefits of LCD signage versus printed paper-based signs. Today – with the significant green benefits of LED digital signage over LCD screens – new levels of energy efficiency are achievable, and issues like power consumption, recyclability, and the origin of materials have become key buying considerations, as organizations analyze total cost of ownership and long-term operational issues.

Considering a digital signage system? Find cost savings and “go green” by seeking a solution that can address these three areas:

1. Power consumption

Light emitting diodes (LED) use less electricity than compact fluorescent or incandescent light sources. The LEDs in most electronics and devices have a longer lifetime, and generally deliver a more robust light, than other types of lighting. Because LEDs don’t generate as much heat as LCDs, the need for special cooling components is eliminated.

2. Recyclability

There are varying degrees to which a manufactured product can be processed into new products, which helps prevent the waste of potentially reusable materials and reduces the consumption of new raw materials. Glass, electronics, and plastics can be reclaimed when digital signage is disposed of properly.

3. Raw materials

Through research and raised collective consciousness, manufacturers are responding to increasing consumer demand for more sustainable goods, including consumer electronics and similar products used in advertising and marketing endeavors. Products requiring smaller amounts of raw materials may offer tangible and intangible benefits to companies in search of ecologically-friendly communications solutions.

LED-based digital signage from NanoLumens offers these benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption versus other forms of digital signage
  • Up to 50% reuse of reclaimed materials from previously manufactured goods
  • Easy recycling due to a nearly completely recyclable product

Have you considered green issues in your purchasing decisions? Where has your search for a green-friendly digital signage provider led you?

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