Game of Nerds!

May 19, 2014 Nathan Remmes

What if InfoComm was Game of Thrones? Where would you be, or better who would you be? Ask no more, because I have taken the liberty of rotating the InfoComm hall floors (Central and North) to align with the make-believe world we have all come to love, Westeros! Yes, I realize this makes me a nerd — but then again, I am talking to the AV industry. We’ve all been to InfoComm and we all can recognize there is a heavy nerds to hot chick ratio (500:1).

Enough talk —- let’s go to the map and draw some undeniable conclusions



• NanoLumens has the coolest “House Words” – Winter is Coming! That just sounds badass!
• Sony is in for a massive war.
• Microsoft is left out in the cold.
• Panasonic’s situations is just plain weird.

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