Energize Your Atmosphere with Large-Format Digital

January 9, 2013 Sarah Shelnut

As we celebrate the turning of another year, resolutions are made and the opportunity for a “fresh start” is often in the forefront of our thinking. In retail, the New Year generally signifies new sales goals, new merchandise, and new looks designed to draw in new consumers.

As the retail market continues rapidly evolving, and consumers are always seeking a more unique shopping experience; evolving demographics, modified shopping behaviors, and of course online shopping all cater to the high-energy customer seeking an experience that instantly gratifies. So how do you engage this new breed of consumer in your store?

Energize your atmosphere with large-format LED digital signage!

Imagine your brand being brought to life through seamless video walls with vibrant graphics, and one-of-a-kind digital store design projects that are sure to not only capture the attention of passing foot traffic, but also create Internet buzz through social media interaction.

NanoLumens displays can be configured to virtually any size, shape, or curvature to suit the unique demands of the retail environment, giving retailers and store designers the flexibility needed to create spectacular in-store experiences and maximize impact on customers.

So, how are you energizing your atmosphere for 2013?

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