Digital Signage Content Guide – Typeface

May 10, 2012 Joey Davis

Let’s face it, as pretty as digital signage can be, it’s all about getting your message across. All other elements don’t matter if your message doesn’t get read. So how can you make sure it does? Choose your typeface wisely. But where do you start?

Here are 4 considerations to help you get started:

The first rule of content creation definitely applies here: evaluate the display you are designing content for. How does it display text? Is is best suited for intricate type or big, bold type? We like larger sans-serif fonts for use on our LED displays.

Second, is the display designed for up close viewing or viewing at a distance? LED displays are typically larger and meant for viewing distances anywhere from 8ft to hundreds of feet whereas LCD displays are smaller and meant for close up viewing. This is definitely important. You don’t want people trying to read tiny fonts from a distance. This is why we lean towards larger fonts for NanoLumens displays.

The third consideration is the message itself. How many words are there? Do they all have to be on the display at the same time?  Who is the message intended for and how long will they be there? If their dwell time is short, better shorten your message and make it bold enough to grab their attention.

Lastly, most brands have fonts that they use in all their marketing which over time consumers will associate with the the brand. It is best to consider this as well because incorporating brand elements can often communicate a brand without even being read.

Generally for our LED displays we like to use fonts that are about 1/6 the height of the screen. So if the screen is 6 ft tall, your font would be 1 ft tall. This is not a hard and fast rule as it is so dependent on the particulars of the display itself. Also, your font choice relates directly to your other design choices such as color and contrast which we discussed in earlier blogs.

Hopefully these 4 considerations will get you pointed in the right direction for your font choice and ensure that your message is communicated clearly in the most optimum way.

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