Customer Advocacy is Rewarding for You and Companies

February 6, 2015 Jennifer Jurs

We’ve all been there…visiting a local retail store to check out a bargain or two when all of a sudden you’re hit with it… bad customer service.  And not just, I couldn’t find someone on the sales floor bad customer service, but the associate ‘assisting’ you is no help and acting as if they don’t have the time to deal with you…type of bad customer service.  What’s a customer to do after an experience like that?  Well, if you’re anything like me, you go and tell friends, family, your social media network and essentially anyone who will listen to you!  This is also true of any great experiences a business provides me with.  I will be the first person to recommend my favorite hairstylist or the company that went above and beyond to make my experience with them pleasant and worry free…even if the recommendation was not solicited.  Why do we do this?  Well for me it’s simple, I want to be considered the thought leader in my circle of friends.  The one that people will go to when looking for an opinion on where to go get their hair done or which cable provider should they choose based on past customer service experiences.  It’s all about word of mouth marketing, which just so happens to influence 20-50% of all purchasing decisions!  So as a company, how can you use those numbers to your advantage?  Customer Advocacy programs.

Customer advocacy is defined as the willingness of customers to speak positively on your company’s behalf, formally and informally.  Advocacy can include anything from community discussion (online and face-to-face), social sharing and contributions to a wide variety of assets, events, traditional references and much more. It’s more than just a reference program; it’s a strategic advantage.

What is an advocate? 

Customers who promote businesses they like among their networks and refer colleagues and new business through word of mouth.  Companies support their advocates in those same channels just as advocates support the company…awesome concept right?!

What’s in it for the Advocate?

Advocates can expect an array of ‘perks’ for being an active advocate for a company. Receiving the most relevant content and information, opportunities, and experiences via Advocate portals. Connections with like-minded individuals to share and exchange best practices.  Invitations to exciting industry events. Many companies are also using gamification as a means for advocates to earn and build points to redeem for VIP type perks, gift cards and other fun prizes keeping advocate engagement high.  The more engaged and active an advocate is, the more appreciation and perks they will receive.  Who wouldn’t want to sign up to be an advocate for a company they love?!

NanoLumens is a customer experience obsessed culture. It’s our primary goal to celebrate customer success, elevate customer’s individual brand in the community, and empower our customers with the tools, resources, and people for optimal success. The NanoLumens Advocate program is bringing together thought leaders in the technology space every day.  We Offer opportunities to build your brand and earn Advocate status via speaking engagements at industry events and webinars, sharing knowledge and expertise in the community, and thought leadership in the marketplace.  Interested in seeing if you have what it takes to become an Advocate?  Contact me at and I’ll get you started!

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