Curated yet Customizable Streaming Art from NanoLumens Aware™

February 1, 2018 NanoLumens Press Team

In today’s digital age, consumers expect the objects of their consumption to be available at their fingertips. Companies like Spotify have addressed this immediate need by creating streamable music, podcasts, and other audio content. Netflix (and others) have made shows, movies, and other video content available from anywhere, too. This sort of curated yet customizable streaming solution is available for just about every medium of content. Until recently though, it was not available for the world of art. If you wanted to digitally stream museum-quality artwork from the masters of both the past and present, you were out of luck. The reason no companies emerged to fill this niche was because it wasn’t wholly marketable to individual consumers. People love listening to music and watching TV, and Spotify and Netflix exist to cater that need. There is a much, much smaller subset of people who demand 24/7 streaming access to professionally curated artwork. If an individual wants to see a famous piece by Monet, he or she will just look it up online using a web browser. The need for digital galleries just hasn’t been large enough to inspire a market solution, but now that large-format digital displays are becoming more accessible for businesses in an expanding array of industries, art streaming companies like Loupe are springing up.

LED display manufacturers like NanoLumens are driving the digital display industry forward by making display solutions that are more accessible than ever. These state-of-the-art displays are lighter, brighter, and more easily installable than their predecessors. These displays are versatile enough to fit into any space, and affordable enough to fit into any budget. The advances making LED tech more accessible have opened up additional markets (like retail) that have a constant need for refreshable digital display content. Contracting content creators can cross into expensive territory if you are always in need of new material, but digitally streamable art providers like Loupe can equip your business with museum-quality art for a fraction of the price. That’s why these companies are emerging; individuals don’t need streamable access to curated art content, but businesses do, especially if they plan to integrate LED display tech into their space.

Versatility is the name of the game in the world of digital displays. LED signage, paired with integrated content management systems equipped with internet connectivity like NanoLumens’ AWARE® system, are customizable and alterable remotely. That means content managers who’ve equipped their system with a streaming service like Loupe will be able to show audiences works from history’s masters on an LED display from today’s masters, any time you want.

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