Content is the Paint, LED Displays are the Canvas

October 31, 2017 Joey Davis

What makes an LED display so mesmerizing to look at? Is it the energy-efficiency? Is it the individual pixel design? Is it the display management ecosystem controlling everything behind the scenes? Probably not. The answer to this question, at least for most people, is the content. The content you actually see showcased up on the large-format display is what catches your eye and leaves a powerful impression. The brilliant colors and images and words a display presents are what make it so captivating. Throughout the life of an LED display, content is what drives its performance.

After all, a display is ultimately designed to be a messenger. To be effective, that message –content– needs to show up without blemishes, and it needs to be visible from a wide range of angles, but perhaps most importantly, it needs to show up properly. These details matter immensely, and in order to maximize the investment you made in LED technology, it’s crucial to understand each and every part of the multifaceted role content plays in the life of a custom-built large-format LED display. Make the extra effort on behalf of your display, and the solution you arrive at will make it all worth it. For more information on this topic, dive into our white paper, LED Displays: Content at the Core.

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