Celebrating a Universal Ideal in our Uniquely American Way

July 3, 2019 Joey Davis

The Fourth of July is a uniquely American holiday with regard to the way –and the day- it is celebrated. In the dead heat of summer, American families, friends, and communities gather together in a brief moment where grievances are set aside and three primary emotions take over: love for country, awe for spectacular fireworks, and appreciation for a good hot dog. While the last of the three doesn’t always apply to everyone, the joys of sharing a meal with your fellow countrymen and women despite your differences are a powerful social tether. The execution of America’s most American holiday is definitively our own, but the origin of the celebration is a more universal idea that countless countries across the world also dedicate time to honoring: Independence. Canada celebrates their independence on July 1st. Malaysia dedicates August 31st to rejoice in their independence while England celebrates their version of a “national day” on April 23rd as St. George’s Day. Australia considers the 1st of January to be their independence day and Singapore celebrates August 9th as theirs. Though NanoLumens designs, assembles, and supports our displays from our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, we have installations (and partners) across the world, including in each of the aforementioned countries. American Independence is what we will be celebrating on July 4th in our own American ways but independence and national pride are things to cherish wherever you may be from.

From all of us here at NanoLumens, we raise a firework and a hot dog to the United States and everyone in it and we hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.

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