May 7, 2014 Patrick Jackson

Everyone has heard of “Beatle-Mania” that swept the nation in the 1960’s, but let me introduce you to “Bortles-Mania”. Blake Bortles is a six-foot five, 229 pound, mountain of a man with a cannon for an arm and a likely first round pick in tonight’s NFL Draft. He starred at the University of Central Florida where he led the Knights to the American Athletic Conference Championship and the 2014 BCS Fiesta Bowl Championship with a major upset over sixth-ranked Baylor. Blake’s got all the tools: size, mobility, leadership, vision, and strength.

Blake Bortles calling the play by play for a few innings during his little brother, Colby’s, baseball game in Oxford, Mississippi.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that NanoLumens has a couple Bortles as well. Blake’s uncle, our VP of Global Channel Sales, Rick Bortles, heads up our Global Channels department and proves that athleticism runs in the Bortles blood. He’s an avid golfer and wrestled at Georgia Tech. His daughter, Alexa, is a Top-Ten, 18 and under, ranked tennis player who can be found on the major tennis circuit next year.  Elle, Rick’s other daughter, is the leading scorer for Johns Creek Gladiators (under 13) Lacrosse team.

Blake’s other uncle, Randy “Mel Kiper” Bortles, is the newest member of our Business Development team and is the NanoLumens in-house draft expert; from trade-scenarios to who’s going where and which teams need which positions, the guy knows his stuff. The only thing he enjoys more than talking about the draft is talking about his other nephew, Blake’s younger brother, budding baseball star at Ole Miss, Colby. Randy’s daughter, Brooke, is a star soccer player at Clayton State University, who are defending Peach Belt Conference Champions.

Whether on the ball field or in the board room the Bortles boys know how to get things done. The brothers are fantastic around the office…you can see where Blake gets his superb leadership skills that it takes to be an elite quarterback. We’re fortunate to get the opportunity to work with two such outstanding people and we could not be more excited for what the NFL Draft holds for Blake and the rest of his talented family.


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