A Holy Day

November 11, 2014 Joey Davis

Somewhere in the deep recesses of my memory I recall someone saying ‘we fought so you wouldn’t have to.’ It may have been my father or it could have come from a book or magazine I read but the point was our veterans sacrificed years of their lives (and sometimes their very lives) in some of the worst hell holes imaginable in the hopes that one day their job would no longer be needed. It’s meaningful. My brothers and I were the first generation of men in our family who’d not served in the military since at least the Civil War. My father, and grandfathers dating back over 100 years, did the honorable yet dangerous work for me.

To many people, Veteran’s day isn’t a real holiday. No one gets the day off from work. There are no late spring or late summer family picnics. Presents aren’t exchanged. But in many ways, it’s our holiest. While Memorial day helps us remember our fallen countrymen, it’s also a somber reminder that many were never thanked for their service when they walked among us. Veterans day is our chance to do just that. So as you go about your daily lives today, work and play practically unhindered, take a moment to consider why you have the opportunities you have. Then thank a veteran. The bank and the post office can wait until tomorrow.

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