A Culture of Giving Back

May 10, 2016 Dave Merlino

At NanoLumens, we share a culture of “giving back,” as do many of our partners. Recently, in conjunction with our preferred partner NTA, I had the opportunity to take part in an event with the Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation. They strive to better the lives of others by increasing social engagement in Las Vegas, providing new opportunities for disadvantaged youth and their families; as well as promoting both educational and life goals. The Foundation also gives back to the less fortunate during the holidays and provides aid to those who lack financial support when trying to achieve higher education.

merlinoFor this year’s Patrick Kelley Bike Day, we had a fairly lofty goal of donating at least 250 new bicycles AND helmets to the underprivileged youth of Las Vegas – And let me say, I was more than happy to help them reach that goal! Quite simply, the day was wonderful. I had the opportunity to meet two past scholarship recipients and their accomplishments were amazing. Josh, who is now a junior at UNLV and Richie who is currently playing basketball at Benedictine College. Both young men are just great and are truly looked up to by the community.

But the day wasn’t just one of celebration, it was also about giving back. For each child who attended, they were led through the event with a mentor. We took them to pick a helmet, get it fitted, and then pick a bike! Soon after, was a BBQ lunch with hot dogs and burgers – My new first grade friend Mijhaio told me “it’s a tough choice,” so we enjoyed both!

It’s days like this that allow you to take a step back and truly enjoy both work and home life and I am proud to work at a company like NanoLumens that sponsors events like this and encourages each and every employee to take part.

If you would like to find out more about NanoLumens’ programs or open job opportunities please visit our careers page.

David Merlino
Area Director West

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