5 People who can answer your questions at DSE

February 11, 2014 Joey Davis

When you’re at a conference, you probably have questions. Well, we have answers. Our team is happy to help you learn more about NanoLumens, digital signage, and display technology in general (even if it’s not ours) to help you find the solution that works for you. We’ll have a dozen team members at DSE, but here are five you should be able to find in our booth (#524) anytime you need to talk to someone.

Nate Remmes (top left): Nate is our Director of Business Development, your go-to guy for marketing inquiries, and a great source for information on domestic sales. If you really want to get on his good side, hand him a Red Bull.

Patrick Jackson (top middle): Patrick is a member of our Business Development team, and is happy to help with any questions you may have about a domestic application or project.

Almir DeCarvalho (top right): Almir is VP of International Sales. If you want to discuss a project in Brazil, EMEA, or even Australia, talk to this guy. If he’s out of the booth…

Sergio Martinez (bottom left): Sergio is another excellent source for information on international projects as a Regional Sales Manager on our International Sales team. You’ll find him at our booth most of the time, so look for his charming smile if you’re ready to chat.

Eric Seigler (bottom right): Eric, one of our Regional Sales Managers, is happy to help you with a domestic sales project. He can  also answer most engineering questions you may have, so if you want to get technical, find him for a chat.

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