Lease or Buy: Visualization Strategies for Your Future Investment

March 28, 2016 Nathan Remmes

Businesses looking to improve their visualization solutions technology might be surprised to find that in the world of commercial audio-visual integration there are a number of financing options (OPEX) for obtaining their next high-end display solutions. In fact, those looking to create that WOW-factor within a set monthly budget are able to have the most up-to-date technology while preserving cash – without an up-front capital investment (CAPEX).

When making decisions about the purchase of new, high-end technology, most executives are concerned about obsolescence. In order to address that concern, many businesses refresh major technology approximately every 5 years to maintain their digital advantage. Today through creative leasing options, businesses can save money while also keeping pace with the latest advancements in display technology. During a lease term, display solutions may come down enough in price to allow for a CAPEX purchase when it comes time to refresh the technology, but the option still remains to follow an OPEX strategy as well.

Why Follow the Trend to Lease?

When technology is NOT essential to current operations, some companies may be able to put off a larger capital investments for a period of time without disruption. In fact, they may be able to afford the time it takes for prices to drop, or could simply get by with a capital purchase of a lesser-quality solution if the pricing fits their budget.

However, for the majority of companies for whom technology IS essential to operations, leasing display solutions can make perfect sense, providing access to a wider selection of premium products for an affordable monthly payment. Key advantages of a display solution leasing strategy include:

  • Known, monthly, budgeted expensing
  • Spreading the cost over time
  • Access to premium products with the most advanced technology
  • Ability to pursue ROI faster according to plan
  • Ability to refresh technology faster and less-expensively as it becomes obsolete
  • Technology obsolescence can be overcome through flexible leasing solutions that include the option to switch the technology out for the latest product offering at the end of the lease term, and then enter another financing program. If the same display was purchased as a CAPEX, the company may be faced with both the eventual reality of technology AND another capital investment to make.

When the end-goal for purchasing premium display solutions includes providing unique experiences to target audiences, whether internal or external, and those experiences really push differentiation, the choice is clear: Lease, ROI, refresh and repeat.

Jeff Crowley
SVP of Global Channels & EMEA for NanoLumens

This piece originally appeared in the March 14 edition of Corporate Tech Decisions and covers the NanoLumens ADVANTAGE program.

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