Content is Key

August 1, 2013 Sarah Shelnut

No matter what the medium (LED, Projection, LCD), content can make or break the intended purpose of your digital display.  So often over looked, content must be thought of early and often in your planning process.

Penn StationHow the media content is delivered to the display, is a hardware question and more often than not it is a simple solution (though it can be costly.)  What I am talking about is the actual make-up of the media.  The first question that needs to be asked is:  What is the purpose of the display?  Internal/external communication?  Branding? Advertising sales (ROI)?  Understanding the intended purpose of the display solution will make the choices ahead much easier—- I know this sounds elementary, but over and over customers want a large, unique display, but have no idea what the intent is.

Now that the intent and goals are understood it is on to the next phase of the content question.  Certain content is made for certain displays.  Let’s go over the right content for your LED display.  LED displays have various attributes that are best suited for certain media content.  Content sets that are bright, high contrast, out of the 16:9 aspect ratio and image-heavy (graphic or full motion) are right for LED.  On the other hand, content that is text-centric (Excel spreadsheets) is generally not be a good fit for LED technology.

So often we discuss the environmental limitations when making display decisions; however, it is also the content that will help determine what display should be considered.

This topic can be tricky— and so often even the best content providers are unaware of the effect of the hardware on the content.  At NanoLumens, we consider ourselves solution providers (and though we only provide the hardware), we want to ensure your NanoLumens display will accomplish your goals.  By reviewing every aspect of your project, together we make sure our unbelievable displays are able to accomplish the intended vision.

Let’s discuss your vision.


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Don't Gamble with the Quality of Your Large-scale Visualization Product

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