Three Basic Elements for Effective Media Messaging

January 26, 2012 Joey Davis

From ancient cave paintings and hieroglyphics to the modern-day advancements in interactive media, communication solutions have come a long way. With the various means and technologies used to distribute information nowadays, it is extremely important to understand how technology can be used as an effective tool to make communication easier and more efficient.

There are three basic elements for media messaging to be successful in an increasingly digital world:

Technology, Content, and an Audience.

1) Progressive Technology – 

Due to the proliferation of technological solutions over the past century, content providers must keep up-to-date with the most recent forms of delivering media. Because today’s society is largely consumer-driven, it is necessary to properly utilize electronic media – especially with the widespread use of the Internet as one of the most effective tools of communication. With the ability to integrate with smartphones and tablets, digital signage solutions are amongst the most innovative and rapidly growing technological applications used to reach a large audience with rich media information.

2) Dynamic Content – Content is King! Dynamic content is achieved by creating a more involved message that doesn’t just inform the viewer, but also allows for and encourages active participation. Since today’s consumer is always on-the-go, it is vital that content is both relevant and timely. Digital signage can be used to regularly update information through content management and deliver media that not only captivates the audience, but also entices them to interact with the message.

3) Audience Engagement – The recent advancements in digital technology create an exciting way for the audience to engage with the message through user-generated content. Companies can now measure and track audience information through the use of anonymous analytics. With the ability to share content between a digital sign and its viewers through new and refined mobile applications, consumers are no longer passive receivers of digital media. An integrated in-store marketing approach can be achieved by using such tools as QR Codes and social media site integration in digital signage ads, generating buzz and ultimately reaching a specific audience with the information that they truly desire.

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