Social Signage: Adopting Social Networking in Digital Signage

March 22, 2012 Joey Davis

Social networking is the most popular online activity worldwide with nearly 1 in every 5 minutes online being spent on social networking sites, according to a recent comScore report. Over 1 billion users visited social networking sites in October of 2011 alone, which means companies have the ability to leverage the popularity of social networking engagement by combining it with the technology of digital signage to create “Social Signage.”

As mentioned in a previous blog post, creating a dialogue between a brand and its users is important because it adds value to a customer’s experience and positively influences the perception of what a brand means to them.

Since social media takes place at nearly the speed of light, messages can be streamed directly to a signage network that places them on top of video and image content. Software makes it easy for users to create engaging displays with social signage that adopts live data from RSS and Twitter feeds or view responses from Facebook, e-mail, and text messages.

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The addition of social networking as an integrated element in signage solutions can be achieved seamlessly without the hassle of having to constantly update the primary content. Recent data also shows that a combined two-thirds of Twitter users say that retailer feeds on the social network have influenced their decision to purchase products or buy from certain retailers.

User-generated content is a great way to get feedback about what’s popular to the consumer at a given moment in time, and is a measurable way of keeping track of which messages work and which messages don’t.

While there are numerous benefits of using social signage, it is also important that it is implemented properly – the text must be large enough to be read easily, not overrun with too much other content, and that the viewer can see their message appear quickly on displays or else  they will simply walk away and not engage. We will dive deeper on that in a later post.

To inquire about how you can adopt social networking with a NanoLumens digital display, click here.

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