Save Money, Go Digital

May 24, 2012 Joey Davis

Everyone loves to save money and businesses are no exception. Digital displays can help with that by offering companies the flexibility and adaptability needed to keep overhead costs at a minimum. Businesses can virtually eliminate the cost of producing, distributing, and installing printed signage by using the quick and seamless integration of digital signage solutions instead.

Changing messaging on digital signs is relatively inexpensive and can be completed easily in a matter of seconds when a new campaign comes out. This saves valuable resources like time and human capital that can not be recouped, as well as the additional cost savings compared to printing marketing materials.

Businesses can also maximize profits by doing initial test marketing in selected areas in order to refine the message prior to placing the media on more costly forms of production like TV and cable. The test markets allow the company to key in on the most relevant message and make sure that it is delivered at the most appropriate times. One recommended method is to have a business initially roll out its digital signage on a small scale so that sales figures of locations with and without the digital signage can be compared.

Going digital is a great wat to cut overhead costs, but every company wants to know how they can add additional revenue streams as well. Remember that the value of digital signage can actually increase over time if used to generate new income streams from untapped areas. In this way, businesses easily can recoup the costs for installing digital signage as well as being able to add revenue by including advertising messages from complementary brands, sponsors, and relevant goods and service providers.



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